(Vancougar, CANADA) http://screamingqueens.bandcamp.com/
How do you feel about NOISY POWER SLOP? ***With a touch of thrash crunk*** Screaming Queens get their name from a documentary about the first documented transgender riot in the United States AND YOU CAN TELL. Queer it up with these CANADIAN KILLER QUEENS in an all-out, balls-out, thrasher, trash-er and disaster night.

(Kvegas, MO) http://radiofreekirksville.com/listen-to-radio-free-kirksville/
We’ve been calling them the teacher band BECAUSE THAT’S WHO THEY ARE. This battery of Kirksville’s finest is the current evolutionary form of a band called THE GIRL HATERS. ***RFK plays rock and roll that makes your face wanna dance*** WHAT DID YOU THINK YOUR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS DID OVER SUMMER BREAK?

How are you readers feelin’ about my use of CAPS LOCK right now? WELL GOOD, because these local spin-spitters don’t even write their poems out. THEY YELL THEM AT YOU in typical slam+punk= SLUNK style. Get ‘em while they’re hot, and THEY’RE HOT NOW.

DJ CHEM FATALE https://soundcloud.com/chemfatale
Tearin it up post-Screaming Queen set, drummer EV is DEFINITELY NOT PLAYING A JAZZ TRUMPET for this pomp and panoply. You can bet THERE’S GONNA BE NOISE at this thing. I can bet YOU’RE GONNA BE EXHAUSTED by the end of it.

—-MONEY: $3.00—-DOORS: 8:00pm—-SHOW: 8:30pm—-Image

The Aquadome’s Welcome Back Week

Come celebrate the last week of August with Truman State and the Kirksville Community! We’ve got an entire week of events planned to ease you back into fall. If you like art, music, literature, comedy, movies or spray paint– This is the place for you!

Welcome Back Week 2013

MONDAY @ 7:30 : Record listening party and Aquadome History 101
Bring your records and we’ll bring the KV punk zines from the ‘90s! Come check out old photos including (but not limited to): metal bands hurling flour from BMX bikes, the aquadome as a communal living center, Buggie and Feed store at 121 N. Main from the 1800s– all while listening to a riveted disk spin around! FREE!

TUESDAY @ 7:30: Truman Poetry Slam Team Performs
The best of the best! Beats, beets, and even Beats by Dre are encouraged to attend! Poems: Bring ‘em if you’ve got’em! FREE!

WEDNESDAY @ 7:30: Showing “Plan 9 From Outer Space”
Who can only afford public domain movies? We can! and we have popcorn! This will involve Aliens resurrecting dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb)! FREE!

THURSDAY @ 7:30: Open Mic Night
You get the idea! Comedy, poetry, singer/songwritery, you name it. The Aquadome even has a piano for you to show off (tuning quality not guaranteed, but we promise to be impressed)! FREE!

Meet up with old ones and make new ones, this is the place to do it! Three long-time friend-bands of the Aquadome are traveling miles from around the midwest just for tonight!
Holy Posers (Cape Girardeau, MO)
Dubb Nubb (Columbia, MO)
MR NASTI (Fairfield, IA)

Experience the smash-bang fusion when three bands combine a funky, earthy, indie, psychedelic, all-good, positive, ifyou’renotsweatingyou’renotdancing vibe for this one night! I promise you’ll want to be there! Sponsored by KTRM. Doors open at 8pm, show begins at 8:30. Admission: $3.

SATURDAY @ noon: Community Aquadome meeting
Do you like what you see? Got any cool ideas you want to try out? Join us this afternoon, or forever! FREE! (?)

SUNDAY @ 6:00: Potluck Show
We know the dining halls won’t give you this kind of show! Come share your food and/or eat ours while you listen to a stellar lineup of live music!
Grbac (Kirksville, MO)
Kyle Hall (New Lenox, IL)
Little Ruckus (Fairfield, IA)

Sponsored by KTRM. Admission: $3.

ALSO: If you like to save money and stuff– you can grab a ticket to both the Friday and Sunday shows for only $5!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Work Week Wrap-up 2013

Work Week has come to an end and was a huge success! We may not have finished all our projects, but the Dome looks awesome and is remarkably less dangerous and sticky. Yesterday evening, we were visited by Christopher the Conquered and H.D. Harmsen who, on the final night of their tour, helped us clean up our space and then let their songs fill the building.

Work Week and, of course, the Aquadome itself would be nothing without all the people who gave us their time, skills, and patience. Thanks to those who helped: Patrick, Kat, Sierra, Nick, Dixie (the bathrooms look amazing, by the way), Christopher, H.D., Bill, Brad, Neil, Matt, Josh, and Mary. And because the summer is a time when people temporarily step out of Kirksville, thanks to Aquadomers Lauren, Ashley, Colleen, and Rachel for making the trips up and down here to add to the progress.

Our next season of shows and events starts very soon and there is some rad stuff in the works! We hope to see all of you in the coming months!

In the mean time, check this out: We finished the Aquapuss mural!
Work Week 2013 - Aquapuss

July Fourth Show!

Hello! We’re having one show this summer and it’s July 4th! Check it:
Aquadome Summer Fun Fest flyer

For the second year in a row, we are very fortunate and pleased to be hosting a summer show. We’ve got four great Kirksville bands lined up and we’ll be grilling food the whole time. It should be a fun, sweaty, laid back show. We’ll be finished by sunset so you can still catch the Kirksville fireworks, which start around 9:30 near the Kirksville country club.

Bonus: Our former president, Hannah Copeland, is playing in Glass Fields! This is probably their final show–at least for the foreseeable future–and I’m sure they’ve got big plans. Come out to see a historic performance! https://www.facebook.com/glassfieldstheband.


We posted this on Facebook a while back, but it needs to be here too! We are beyond happy to announce our new exec board for Fall 2013. THEY ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!

President: Lauren Kellett
Vice President: Ashley Byrne
Secretary:  Rachel Hain
Treasurer: Sarah Bussen
Public Relations: Grace Stansbery

We’re also eternally pleased to have the following non-executive positions filled as well!
Facilities Manager: Chris Lindley
Grant Writer: Colleen Ryan

Tom Thumb XVII

Hey hey hey hey hey. This Saturday, we have the megahonor of hosting Tom Thumb XVII!!!! We’re super excited about this because 1) Tom Thumb is always fun and 2) Tom Thumb is a really cool Truman/Kirksville tradition that has been in operation since 1998. Not only that, but this is the fourth time Tom Thumb has been held at the Aquadome! But, this is the first installment to take place in the current incarnation of the Aquadome. (Two were held in the old Aquadome, one in between Aquadomes.)

For more info on Tom Thumb, check out:
The Tom Thumb blog / Tom Thumb Facebook / Tom Thumb Wikipedia article

Note: Okay okay, I know Aquadomers are pretty much in charge of planning Tom Thumb this time around, but this excitement is still 95% genuine.