The Aquadome’s Welcome Back Week

Come celebrate the last week of August with Truman State and the Kirksville Community! We’ve got an entire week of events planned to ease you back into fall. If you like art, music, literature, comedy, movies or spray paint– This is the place for you!

Welcome Back Week 2013

MONDAY @ 7:30 : Record listening party and Aquadome History 101
Bring your records and we’ll bring the KV punk zines from the ‘90s! Come check out old photos including (but not limited to): metal bands hurling flour from BMX bikes, the aquadome as a communal living center, Buggie and Feed store at 121 N. Main from the 1800s– all while listening to a riveted disk spin around! FREE!

TUESDAY @ 7:30: Truman Poetry Slam Team Performs
The best of the best! Beats, beets, and even Beats by Dre are encouraged to attend! Poems: Bring ‘em if you’ve got’em! FREE!

WEDNESDAY @ 7:30: Showing “Plan 9 From Outer Space”
Who can only afford public domain movies? We can! and we have popcorn! This will involve Aliens resurrecting dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb)! FREE!

THURSDAY @ 7:30: Open Mic Night
You get the idea! Comedy, poetry, singer/songwritery, you name it. The Aquadome even has a piano for you to show off (tuning quality not guaranteed, but we promise to be impressed)! FREE!

Meet up with old ones and make new ones, this is the place to do it! Three long-time friend-bands of the Aquadome are traveling miles from around the midwest just for tonight!
Holy Posers (Cape Girardeau, MO)
Dubb Nubb (Columbia, MO)
MR NASTI (Fairfield, IA)

Experience the smash-bang fusion when three bands combine a funky, earthy, indie, psychedelic, all-good, positive, ifyou’renotsweatingyou’renotdancing vibe for this one night! I promise you’ll want to be there! Sponsored by KTRM. Doors open at 8pm, show begins at 8:30. Admission: $3.

SATURDAY @ noon: Community Aquadome meeting
Do you like what you see? Got any cool ideas you want to try out? Join us this afternoon, or forever! FREE! (?)

SUNDAY @ 6:00: Potluck Show
We know the dining halls won’t give you this kind of show! Come share your food and/or eat ours while you listen to a stellar lineup of live music!
Grbac (Kirksville, MO)
Kyle Hall (New Lenox, IL)
Little Ruckus (Fairfield, IA)

Sponsored by KTRM. Admission: $3.

ALSO: If you like to save money and stuff– you can grab a ticket to both the Friday and Sunday shows for only $5!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Hello world!

What is The Aquadome?
The Aquadome is a not-for-profit arts, music, and community venue existing to create a vibrant, fruitful, and dynamic outlet for the Kirksville community.  We are here to offer a place that proudly showcases our community and gives back to it. Just recently re-established in the last six months, we have so far hosted poetry slams, gallery showings, and concerts. Band performances at the Aquadome have ranged from Kirksvillian screamo and NEMO Christian rock to rockabilly folk from Columbia, MO.

Who runs the place?
A board of five members from the Kirksville and Truman community currently runs The Aquadome. We all have real lives, jobs, and a passion for all that The Aquadome is. We have the opportunity and responsibility to keep this place going. The fun parts include planning shows, interior decorating (spray paint and Christmas lights), contacting talented members from our community, group cleaning sessions, and meeting amazing people who come to events. The not-so-fun part is making rent.

What do we need?
What does every not-for-profit need? People. The Aquadome is continually searching for people who desire to contribute their time, talents, ideas, or spare change. The best part is, we proudly guarantee that your contributions will be noticed. A fresh new not-for-profit, we are bursting with opportunities to help.

What are our goals?
We want to provide learning opportunities by letting community members share what they know. For example, board member Cliff Greanjeans has offered to give FREE guitar and banjo lessons. Truman student Brokell Bridel would like give FREE yoga classes. Furthermore, we would love to have regular homework hours, where people could come to The Aquadome to study or tutor each other. Also, we host potlucks on Wednesdays, because who doesn’t like meeting great people and eating their food?

On the artistic side, we plan to provide a gallery space (we have LOTS of space) for student and local artists. We want to be able to share our space for your sorority’s philanthropy event, or to show that new indie flick that just came out. And, of course, we want to keep our music scene alive and growing by throwing concerts with local and traveling musicians. But, in order to accomplish these goals and new ones, we need to stay open.

Money, Ew.
The Aquadome requires about $450 each month to pay rent and utilities. How have we been getting by so far? Fundraising, admission from shows, private donations, and a lot of scrounging from the board’s pockets. These sources have worked so far, but right now, in these winter months when many people hibernate in their warm homes we are fresh out of funds. We are confident that we can persist with help from the dedicated and gifted people that make up our community. If our bare bones description of The Aquadome has inspired you, please check our facebook page and come to an event. BUT WAIT, are you so inspired that you want to contribute? You’re hired! Contact us.

How do I get involved?
If you have any time, money, a talent you’ve been dying to share, extra folding chairs, if you can push a broom, if you can paint a masterpiece, or if you have an empty place inside you (The Aquadome can probably fill it) email us at We are located just behind the movie theater at 121 North Main Street.

We look forward to meeting you and helping to make our community a better place, one day at a time.