Comedy/Poetry Night at TruYo

TruYoComedyCome down to TruYo for Truman’s always funny, Upchuckles and the slam poetry of TruSlam.
The event is free but don’t forget to buy a treat from Tru Yo to support a local business since they are letting us use their space!

Fun begins Tuesday night at 7. Check out the event further on Facebook


Big News

Hello aquafriends, we’ve got some news to share. A few weeks ago, there was a pretty severe thunderstorm that caused significant damage to 121 N Main, collapsing most of the ceiling in the main blue room. We initially believed it could be fixed, and our landlord had contractors in the process of renovating the space. Unfortunately, due to the debris that came down from the ceiling of this very, very old building, the city deemed it unsafe for use. As of a few days ago, 121 N. Main has been condemned until further notice. For us, this building felt like home, and we’re pretty devastated to see it go. But, fear not! The beauty of the Aquadome is that it is an idea – not a place. We’re currently searching for new venues around town, and if that does not pan out, we will start the Fall 2014 season the good ol’ fashion, tried-and-true DIY way – by hosting house shows. Thank you Kirksville and beyond for your endless support of DIY art, music and community, and look forward to seeing a brand new space for the Aquadome very soon. Nothing wrong with a fresh start. 

The Moon Landing Hoax Show

MoonShowJoin us, some Kirksville favs and a four piece indie rock group from Rolla for a (guarunteed!!!) night of good tunez and good timez.

How to Build a Bomb (Kirksville, MO)
Aquapal Indran and company will be playing under this sure-to-be fed flagged name.

Radio Free Kirksville (Kirksville, MO)
Your favorite teacher cover band from right here at home. Let’s be honest, we all wish they were our high school teachers.

Moon jr (Rolla, MO)
“Deep in the Missouri Ozarks, an indie rock group formed that refused to be pigeon-holed as a small town, small sound band. Fusing elements of rock, indie pop, pyschadelia, and dirty blues, Moon Jr. has developed a sound which can only be described as “contagious”.”

Doors: 8pm
Show: 8:30

Nitty Gritty Dirt Show – Friday, Feb. 7th

Come join us for a night of rock with…

The Gardenheads– Whimsical garage rock with more picking and harmonica than most. Check them out on Bandcamp or their music video Highway 65 Blues

“Thee Fine Lines– Catchy rock with a bite and a rough and ready lead guitarist. Listen to these guys!!


Fuzz Beater– Fuzzy fuzzy toe-tappin rock from Warrensburg.

Now Even Softer- Punk rock dudes straight outta Kirksville who use some juicy jazz chords.
4$ Entry Charge
Doors open at 8. Show at 8:30.

Super Free Super COOL SHOW!!! Saturday, January 18th

Join us for our first show of 2014!
Headliners Include:
The lovely Ashley Byrne of Faux Pas
Grbac: Midwestern college rock n roll boys who hate indie rock (but sometimes they play Pavement).
Not Penny’s Boat: 90’s inspired, pop-punk sorta-like-blink-182 St. Louisans looking for lust and love. Check them out on the youtube
Chill Jackson: Blues punk noisy two-piece greaser boys in (probably) white t-shirts.

FREEEEE. So free. Doors at 8:00. Show at 8:30pm. BYOB for 21+.

P.S. It’s also aquagal Lauren Kellett’s 21st birthday, so….feel free to bring her a beer or something??????

A DIY Celebration: A Documentary and Music Event – Friday, November 15

DITHERAs a DIY venue, The Aquadome is honored to be showing the documentary Dither: The DIY Sound about the do-it-yourself music scene before a solid night of live sounds. You can view the trailer here:

Live music will begin around 8 pm featuring four bands:

The Wonder Drugs (Kirksville, MO)
New-to-the-scene-feral-telemarketer-indie-garage-rock-girl-band, The Wonder Drugs, are ready for their first show in KV!

Looking For Astronauts (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
A raw, 3 piece alternative rock band formed in 2010 hailing from Indie (joke not intended).

Kudzu (Springfield, MO/Ozarks Area)
Psychedelic indie rock group that’s too cool to have a Facebook page

Wizard Lizard (Kirksville, MO)
Aqua-regulars! Magic metal!

Admission is $4 and the Aquadome now accepts credit cards! And here’s the Facebook event!


Do you like music? Art? Freedom of expression? Planning events? Spreading the good word of rock and roll? Do you love the Aquadome and want to get more involved??? LISTEN UP.
The Aquadome is holding elections for executive board for the Spring season! All positions are up for re-election, and we want to see YOU apply! Here’s a run down of each position:

President – Must have served a previous exec term. Good at getting all types of people psyched about The Aquadome: at meetings, by email, by facebook, in person. Has to have good organizational and event planning skills to book a masterful event calendar.

Vice President – Somebody with strong organizational skills and the foresight to understand that the future of The Aquadome is determined by the structure we create. Helps President with all tasks.

Treasurer– Ideally has served on exec board once before. Someone who has experience paying bills, is able to pay close attention to the bank account status often and make solid financial decisions with foresight. Communicates frequently with our landlord.

Public Relations – Working with social media, graphic designers, and the website. Good job for sociable people who are internet savvy, and can think of creative ways to make aqua-holics. THIS WILL BE A MULTIPLE PERSON POSITION. There will be a Public Relations Chair with two or three Street Team members working underneath her/him.

Secretary – An organized person who is a good listener, can keep track of people, and can document all the various aqua-persons who interact with The Dome. Writes monthly newsletter.

Everyone on the executive board is expected to attend and work all events, contribute at weekly meetings, and help out with many miscellaneous tasks. The Aquadome is a Missouri-registered, non-profit do-it-yourself venue and business. What that means is, aside from being the most fun place in the world to volunteer, it looks kick-ass on a resume.

WANT TO APPLY? COOL. Here’s the online application form.

Email to OR turn in to a current exec member at an upcoming event or meeting by MONDAY, DECEMBER 2ND. Elections will be held Saturday, December 7th.

Kevin Schlereth, Families and Ambrose Way

Don’t forget about our show tonight! $4 lets you see 3 artists:

Kevin Schlereth (ST. LOUIS, MO)
“Kevin has proven to create somewhat enigmatic, shape-shifting music that is bound together with a common appreciation for the way that sound interacts with thought and feeling.”

Families (CHICAGO, IL)
Families consists of three folk story tellers, with souls of grass and minds made out of the mountains…”

Rock/Folk/Prog band!

Doors are at 8 and the show start at 8:30. Come out and enjoy some acoustic, laid back music at the Dome! See you all tonight!!