Do you like music? Art? Freedom of expression? Planning events? Spreading the good word of rock and roll? Do you love the Aquadome and want to get more involved??? LISTEN UP.
The Aquadome is holding elections for executive board for the Spring season! All positions are up for re-election, and we want to see YOU apply! Here’s a run down of each position:

President – Must have served a previous exec term. Good at getting all types of people psyched about The Aquadome: at meetings, by email, by facebook, in person. Has to have good organizational and event planning skills to book a masterful event calendar.

Vice President – Somebody with strong organizational skills and the foresight to understand that the future of The Aquadome is determined by the structure we create. Helps President with all tasks.

Treasurer– Ideally has served on exec board once before. Someone who has experience paying bills, is able to pay close attention to the bank account status often and make solid financial decisions with foresight. Communicates frequently with our landlord.

Public Relations – Working with social media, graphic designers, and the website. Good job for sociable people who are internet savvy, and can think of creative ways to make aqua-holics. THIS WILL BE A MULTIPLE PERSON POSITION. There will be a Public Relations Chair with two or three Street Team members working underneath her/him.

Secretary – An organized person who is a good listener, can keep track of people, and can document all the various aqua-persons who interact with The Dome. Writes monthly newsletter.

Everyone on the executive board is expected to attend and work all events, contribute at weekly meetings, and help out with many miscellaneous tasks. The Aquadome is a Missouri-registered, non-profit do-it-yourself venue and business. What that means is, aside from being the most fun place in the world to volunteer, it looks kick-ass on a resume.

WANT TO APPLY? COOL. Here’s the online application form.

Email to theaquadome@gmail.com OR turn in to a current exec member at an upcoming event or meeting by MONDAY, DECEMBER 2ND. Elections will be held Saturday, December 7th.

Work Week Wrap-up 2013

Work Week has come to an end and was a huge success! We may not have finished all our projects, but the Dome looks awesome and is remarkably less dangerous and sticky. Yesterday evening, we were visited by Christopher the Conquered and H.D. Harmsen who, on the final night of their tour, helped us clean up our space and then let their songs fill the building.

Work Week and, of course, the Aquadome itself would be nothing without all the people who gave us their time, skills, and patience. Thanks to those who helped: Patrick, Kat, Sierra, Nick, Dixie (the bathrooms look amazing, by the way), Christopher, H.D., Bill, Brad, Neil, Matt, Josh, and Mary. And because the summer is a time when people temporarily step out of Kirksville, thanks to Aquadomers Lauren, Ashley, Colleen, and Rachel for making the trips up and down here to add to the progress.

Our next season of shows and events starts very soon and there is some rad stuff in the works! We hope to see all of you in the coming months!

In the mean time, check this out: We finished the Aquapuss mural!
Work Week 2013 - Aquapuss

Work Week 2013 + Aug 3 Show/Potluck

Nine days from today is the start of WORK WEEK TWENTY-THIRTEEN! We’ll be gathering at the Aquadome from Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3 to fix and clean and make the dome more rad! But we can’t finish everything without help. So, you should come hang out and lend a hand! Plus, volunteers get free tickets useable at any Aquadome show!

We’ll start at 5pm each day to avoid the heavy heat and work past dark. If you get tired or have limited time, no worries! Come and go as you please!

Bonus: The final night of Work Week is a show! We’ll be joined by Christopher the Conquered  and H.D. Harmsen, two lovely dudes from Iowa! They’re going to help fix some stuff and then make us all swoon with their music. And it’s a potluck too! Bring some food! Eat some food!

To review, Work Week is Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3. We start at 5pm each night. On Saturday night, the final night, there’s a show and potluck! Bring yrself and yr friends!

The Website Needs You!

Is there something you’d like to see on the Aquadome’s website? Were you looking for some content that’s not here? As a community center, we rely on your input, so click where it says “Leave a comment” and tell us what you want!

Here are some ideas for the kind of input we’re looking for:

  • Additional content you would like to see on the site
  • Changes to the website’s layout (is there something that you wish was easier to find?)
  • Corrections to mistakes (content, spelling, syntax)
  • Anything else you can come up with

Image courtesy of http://bradcolbow.com/