We posted this on Facebook a while back, but it needs to be here too! We are beyond happy to announce our new exec board for Fall 2013. THEY ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!

President: Lauren Kellett
Vice President: Ashley Byrne
Secretary:  Rachel Hain
Treasurer: Sarah Bussen
Public Relations: Grace Stansbery

We’re also eternally pleased to have the following non-executive positions filled as well!
Facilities Manager: Chris Lindley
Grant Writer: Colleen Ryan

YouTube Channel

The Aquadome has a new YouTube channel! In the future, we’ll use to channel to host videos of concerts, activities, press coverage, and everything else related to the Aquadome. Right now, the channel has a video from Rae Fitzgerald’s recent musical performance, a poetry reading by Jamie D’Agostino, and a segment from local TV station KTRM.

Follow the link to our channel and subscribe for updates: