Work Week 2013 + Aug 3 Show/Potluck

Nine days from today is the start of WORK WEEK TWENTY-THIRTEEN! We’ll be gathering at the Aquadome from Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3 to fix and clean and make the dome more rad! But we can’t finish everything without help. So, you should come hang out and lend a hand! Plus, volunteers get free tickets useable at any Aquadome show!

We’ll start at 5pm each day to avoid the heavy heat and work past dark. If you get tired or have limited time, no worries! Come and go as you please!

Bonus: The final night of Work Week is a show! We’ll be joined by Christopher the Conquered  and H.D. Harmsen, two lovely dudes from Iowa! They’re going to help fix some stuff and then make us all swoon with their music. And it’s a potluck too! Bring some food! Eat some food!

To review, Work Week is Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3. We start at 5pm each night. On Saturday night, the final night, there’s a show and potluck! Bring yrself and yr friends!

July Fourth Show!

Hello! We’re having one show this summer and it’s July 4th! Check it:
Aquadome Summer Fun Fest flyer

For the second year in a row, we are very fortunate and pleased to be hosting a summer show. We’ve got four great Kirksville bands lined up and we’ll be grilling food the whole time. It should be a fun, sweaty, laid back show. We’ll be finished by sunset so you can still catch the Kirksville fireworks, which start around 9:30 near the Kirksville country club.

Bonus: Our former president, Hannah Copeland, is playing in Glass Fields! This is probably their final show–at least for the foreseeable future–and I’m sure they’ve got big plans. Come out to see a historic performance!


Happy summer to everyone!

We have officially started our summer hiatus for the months of May, June, and July. But, be on the lookout for at least one show and some workdays over our break. We may be closed, but we are still working on building up the Dome visually and planning on how to make our second year of serving Kirksville even better. (Watch out for a newsletter with more info about all that.) If you have any comments, or questions, email Keep in touch! Cuz you know we will!!

The Dome