A DIY Celebration: A Documentary and Music Event – Friday, November 15

DITHERAs a DIY venue, The Aquadome is honored to be showing the documentary Dither: The DIY Sound about the do-it-yourself music scene before a solid night of live sounds. You can view the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/67839584.

Live music will begin around 8 pm featuring four bands:

The Wonder Drugs (Kirksville, MO)
New-to-the-scene-feral-telemarketer-indie-garage-rock-girl-band, The Wonder Drugs, are ready for their first show in KV!

Looking For Astronauts (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
A raw, 3 piece alternative rock band formed in 2010 hailing from Indie (joke not intended). http://lfatheband.bandcamp.com/

Kudzu (Springfield, MO/Ozarks Area)
Psychedelic indie rock group that’s too cool to have a Facebook page

Wizard Lizard (Kirksville, MO)
Aqua-regulars! Magic metal!

Admission is $4 and the Aquadome now accepts credit cards! And here’s the Facebook event!

Work Week 2013 + Aug 3 Show/Potluck

Nine days from today is the start of WORK WEEK TWENTY-THIRTEEN! We’ll be gathering at the Aquadome from Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3 to fix and clean and make the dome more rad! But we can’t finish everything without help. So, you should come hang out and lend a hand! Plus, volunteers get free tickets useable at any Aquadome show!

We’ll start at 5pm each day to avoid the heavy heat and work past dark. If you get tired or have limited time, no worries! Come and go as you please!

Bonus: The final night of Work Week is a show! We’ll be joined by Christopher the Conquered  and H.D. Harmsen, two lovely dudes from Iowa! They’re going to help fix some stuff and then make us all swoon with their music. And it’s a potluck too! Bring some food! Eat some food!

To review, Work Week is Sunday, July 28 to Saturday, August 3. We start at 5pm each night. On Saturday night, the final night, there’s a show and potluck! Bring yrself and yr friends!

Tom Thumb XVII

Hey hey hey hey hey. This Saturday, we have the megahonor of hosting Tom Thumb XVII!!!! We’re super excited about this because 1) Tom Thumb is always fun and 2) Tom Thumb is a really cool Truman/Kirksville tradition that has been in operation since 1998. Not only that, but this is the fourth time Tom Thumb has been held at the Aquadome! But, this is the first installment to take place in the current incarnation of the Aquadome. (Two were held in the old Aquadome, one in between Aquadomes.)

For more info on Tom Thumb, check out:
The Tom Thumb blog / Tom Thumb Facebook / Tom Thumb Wikipedia article

Note: Okay okay, I know Aquadomers are pretty much in charge of planning Tom Thumb this time around, but this excitement is still 95% genuine.

IPAC Freak Dance

This Saturday, April 21st at 8pm -1am:

A fog rave at the Aquadome featuring a DJ, silly string and highliters, “That Bitter Taste” directed by local filmmaker Jonathan Marshall, some Modville, and a performance by the band Orange Iguanas.

Admission is $4, doors open at 8 p.m., come prepared for dancing and fun!

Bee! Why? Oh, Bee!

Full Moon Show 4/5/12

The second full moon show will be held Thursday, April 5th. The moon will be full by midnight! Come at 8pm for free tarot readings, musical acts, and to wrap up the night we will stroll through the cemetery.

This show costs canned food- any food you bring will be donated to the local food bank! Since the show is cash-money-free, we can legally drink. BYOBeer. No hard alcohol. No drinking minors.

This event is pet and bike friendly.

Adam Boughtan [spoken word]
Matt Ziegler
Sean Prudden

Prim Rose Battle of the Band Raised Over $2000 for Cancer Research!

The Prime Rose Sorority raised over $2000 for cancer research this past Saturday at The Aquadome! L.I.F.E, Leaving and Impression for Erin honors the life of the late Prim Rose sister, Erin Brennecke, who died of bone cancer while attending Truman in 2002. All proceeds benefited the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center of Iowa, where Erin received her treatments. The event lasted from 2pm-2am, and featured many traveling bands, as well as local bands. Along with the entertainment, the event was catered by TNT barbeque and the Costa Rican Cafe. Here is a listing of all the bands featured throughout the evening:

1pm- Seth Wood -Kansas City, MO- Indie Accoustic
1:45- Cancel the Search Party -Local- Hard core punk 1pm- The
2:35- Burgundy Dog Socks -Lawrence, KS- Soulful Jazz Folk
3:25- Golden Curls -Local- www.soundcloud.com/goldencurls
4:15- Groondale -Kansas City, KS- Piano-Licious pop rock2:45-
5:05- Hot Fuzz -Local- Funk Synth Rock
5:55- Dandelions Roar -Local- Rock Folk Pop
6:45- Tom Sauk -Missouri- www.soundcloud.com/tomsauk
7:40- Busted String Band -Local- American Folk Rock
8:40- Forrester -Lawrence, KS- Post Rock
9:35- Fivefold -ST Louis, MO- www.soundcloud.com/fivefold
10:30- Black Bear -Local- www.soundcloud.com/blackbear
11:25- Neptune and the Glass Horse -Lawrence/Local- soundcloud.com/brian-vie-lion
12:20- Johnny H & the O-Town Tuffs -Local- Psychedelic Funk Rock

Saturday was a night to be remembered!

Debunking Stress + Acupuncture Happy Hour

Reposted from Facebook (click here to see the event):

This workshop on acupuncture and stress goes from 2pm- 330pm [on Sunday, March 11]! Register for the workshop by emailing theaquadome@gmail.com. The first 20 people to register will get to participate in the Acupuncture Happy Hour afterwards.


Feel Stressed? Most of us re-play the same messages in our heads about how stressful life is, with no apparent end to the stress in sight. Come to this workshop if you want to:

  • Learn more about what you can do to alter your perceptions of your current situation.
  • Explore how feelings can be a roadmap to understanding your needs.
  • Create strategies for meeting your needs, rather than reeling in upset that they aren’t being met.
  • Create practices to help keep you in the present moment.

Bring paper and a pen to the workshop. Discussion will be encouraged, but not required.


Are you ready to try something different?
A holistic alternative to the traditional happy hour without the smoke, noise or hangover.

After the workshop, stay for a simple acupuncture treatment and learn how acupuncture can help promote relaxation and stillness. The treatment will take place in a group setting as participants sit comfortably in chairs.


I am a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia University (www.tai.edu) in Laurel MD. I combine an integrated approach of health coaching and acupuncture. My goal is to help give patients tools to maintain wellness while providing real healing and relief at the deepest level. I am also a Weston A. Price chapter leader, a non-profit organization with a focus on eating nutrient dense, whole foods. My husband, John, and I run Singing Prairie Farm in La Plata, MO which specializes in grass fed, organic meat and poultry.

High School Writing Circle

Do you know any High Schoolers who are interested in writing? The Aquadome is currently developing a writing circle. The group is open to young people interested in improving their writing skills under the careful guidance of TSU English majors.

This opportunity entails:

  • Biweekly workshops
  • The chance to be published in local journals
  • The opportunity to read your work aloud at Aquadome poetry nights

Please contact the Aquadome at theaquadome@gmail.com for more information!