Work Week Wrap-up 2013

Work Week has come to an end and was a huge success! We may not have finished all our projects, but the Dome looks awesome and is remarkably less dangerous and sticky. Yesterday evening, we were visited by Christopher the Conquered and H.D. Harmsen who, on the final night of their tour, helped us clean up our space and then let their songs fill the building.

Work Week and, of course, the Aquadome itself would be nothing without all the people who gave us their time, skills, and patience. Thanks to those who helped: Patrick, Kat, Sierra, Nick, Dixie (the bathrooms look amazing, by the way), Christopher, H.D., Bill, Brad, Neil, Matt, Josh, and Mary. And because the summer is a time when people temporarily step out of Kirksville, thanks to Aquadomers Lauren, Ashley, Colleen, and Rachel for making the trips up and down here to add to the progress.

Our next season of shows and events starts very soon and there is some rad stuff in the works! We hope to see all of you in the coming months!

In the mean time, check this out: We finished the Aquapuss mural!
Work Week 2013 - Aquapuss

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