Big News

Hello aquafriends, we’ve got some news to share. A few weeks ago, there was a pretty severe thunderstorm that caused significant damage to 121 N Main, collapsing most of the ceiling in the main blue room. We initially believed it could be fixed, and our landlord had contractors in the process of renovating the space. Unfortunately, due to the debris that came down from the ceiling of this very, very old building, the city deemed it unsafe for use. As of a few days ago, 121 N. Main has been condemned until further notice. For us, this building felt like home, and we’re pretty devastated to see it go. But, fear not! The beauty of the Aquadome is that it is an idea – not a place. We’re currently searching for new venues around town, and if that does not pan out, we will start the Fall 2014 season the good ol’ fashion, tried-and-true DIY way – by hosting house shows. Thank you Kirksville and beyond for your endless support of DIY art, music and community, and look forward to seeing a brand new space for the Aquadome very soon. Nothing wrong with a fresh start. 

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