The Moon Landing Hoax Show

MoonShowJoin us, some Kirksville favs and a four piece indie rock group from Rolla for a (guarunteed!!!) night of good tunez and good timez.

How to Build a Bomb (Kirksville, MO)
Aquapal Indran and company will be playing under this sure-to-be fed flagged name.

Radio Free Kirksville (Kirksville, MO)
Your favorite teacher cover band from right here at home. Let’s be honest, we all wish they were our high school teachers.

Moon jr (Rolla, MO)
“Deep in the Missouri Ozarks, an indie rock group formed that refused to be pigeon-holed as a small town, small sound band. Fusing elements of rock, indie pop, pyschadelia, and dirty blues, Moon Jr. has developed a sound which can only be described as “contagious”.”

Doors: 8pm
Show: 8:30

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