Finals Fever Reliever pt 6 with Christopher the Conquered / The Deadbeats / Jack Lion / The Funky Onion Bunch

chrisJoin us at the Aquadome on April 30th to close out the semester, relive that spring semester pent up energy and frustrations. This is our 6th Final Fever Reliever and we are bringing some of the hottest bands in Kirksville and classic Aquadome favorites.
The Deadbeats – Kirksville Aquadomers Josh Brumfield, Jake Hurst and Dennis Baker will be taking the stage for the first time this semester bringing you deadbeat emptyhearted tunes. It’ll be a show! Josh’s shredding will leave you weak in the knees and Dennis Baker may sweat through 3 shirts during the set.
Christopher the Conquered – Christopher Ford is Iowa’s hardest working man and an brilliant songwriter. Ford just wrote the best rock n’ roll song ever written and released his long awaited for album I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll [Maximum Ames Records]. It’s always good to see Chris and he always puts on a helluva performance.
Check him out here:
Jack Lion – Jack Lion is composed of wonderful performers and Aquadome favorites. JL is from Iowa City with an amazing sound. They’ve been providing ambient electronic jazz around Iowa and short tours through the mid-west. Come on down and support them
Check them out on Facebook:
You can download their latest ep here:
Videos and other jazz can be found on their website:
The Funky Onion Bunch – Mostly composed of TSU music graduates, this 11 piece group will leave the entire room tired and sweaty, but begging for more Funk. The onions cover classic acts such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to a point beyond perfection. They only perform once a year, but are making a special appearance just for the Aquadome!
Doors open at 7:45
Fun starts at 8:30
Come early and meet the bands and shoot a game of pool.
$5 at the door
$3 with a HS ID

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