Dana T // Curt Oren // Josh Brumfield // American Basswood


We bet you were just dying to find a great way to start out a Thursday night. Check out the lineup!

Dana T – From Iowa City, Dana T is composed of Dana Telsrow and many others. Describing themselves as “Avant-everything,” Dana T makes tunes that bring to mind Brian Wilson B-Sides.
Check em out on Facebook:
Check em out on thier website:

Curt Oren – Experimental saxophonist, full time musician/awesome guy, part time cookie making machine. Curt offers a performance that you dont see every day that will blow you away. (get it, blow???)
Check ‘im out on Bandcamp!

Josh Brumfield – Josh Brumfield – acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals infleunced by Neil Young and the likes that can make your stomach sink or bring a grin to your face.
Czech him out on Bandcamp!

American Basswood – Local folk Americana favorites, American Basswood’s tunes breaks hearts and taps toes. These young dudes played their first show at the Aquadome and we’re more than excited to hear them play again!
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