Mr. Nasti/Extravision/Two-Headed Cow


Come welcome MR. NASTI to the new Aquadome on February 20th!

MR. NASTI (AKA Nicholas Naioti) is one of the Aquadome’s oldest and closest friends/inspiration to all. His new album, released on Maximum Ames Records, is described as a collection of arrangements which vary between “minimal acoustic songs to exuberant string-laden ballads.” His album, Throw the Stone, also consists of guest performances by Curt Oren, Christopher Ford, Joey DelRe, Lauryn Shapter, and Matt Lawhead!
You can check out the full ablum here:

New music video for Midnight Tide

and like him on Facebook!

Lineup also includes!
Extravision – Solo project of Ryan M. Stier from the River Monks and Annalibera, Extravision writes heart-break songs and is also one of the finest friends of the Dome, donating his song, Heart of Snakes, to the most recent Aquadome Friends and Regulars Mix to raise funds for the Dome.
Check out his facebook
or bandcamp

Two Headed Cow – Local giging artists and currently one of Kirksville’s hardest working (and best looking) bands, Two Headed Cow offers songs and stage presence that everyone falls in love with.
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February 20th
Doors 7:30/ Show 8:00
$4 at the door

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