Why I Love the Name “Aquadome”

I don’t just like the name “The Aquadome,” I love it.
I don’t know where the name came from,
who came up with it,
or the story behind it. But I love it.

The name conjures up a framework of vivid imagery,
I envision a droplet of water on the hood of a car… a small-scale
oasis of sorts.
Inside this tiny dewdrop is, in effect, a Neverland that doesn’t
necessarily abide the common laws of physics;
a fleeting microcosm;
a fluid universe of our own creation;
a place were people can come and steep themselves in a fanciful,
almost otherworldly atmosphere that won’t exist come morning.

It’s like an anti-bubble.
It’s a rainbow submarine only with the inside and outside switched.
Since water is a better conductor for sound than air is,
it’s through this metaphorical medium that I can attach such clear
meaning to an otherwise cryptic sounding name.

The Aquadome is where you go when you’re wrung out dry by the ins and
outs of your daily life
and you need to soak up some artful sound, some liberating colors,
some camaraderie, and some community.
People go there to share a smile, to make new friends, and to dance a
little if that’s their thing. I wish everyone had an Aquadome.
-Chris Lindley

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