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Tom Thumb Art Exhibition / Tom Thumb is an art exhibition with a history that goes back to the original Aquadome in the early 2000s. Started as an alternative to the more selective exhibition opportunities in the area, Tom Thumb is jury-less and open to all.

DIY / An amazing resource for people interested in DIY venues and culture. Features a massive list of DIY spaces around the world, as well as an article on what DIY means and a zine about hosting DIY events. Operated and payed for by one dude. Donate if you can!

Creative Commons / The mission of this amazing organization is to develop a “legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.” A great resource for  musicians, artists, writers, etc who want to easily and clearly share their creations with the world. See also: RiP: A Remix Manifesto, QuoteUnquote Records, and Wikipedia (which is totally licensed under Creative Commons!).

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